True-to-life communications in virtual meetings

  • Do you think that virtual meetings are engaging?
  • Can you understand all participants if they talk simultaneously?
We don't think so either...

In our experince the audio content in virtual meetings is almost always transmitted in mono. This means that the reproduction is not realistic and that the content is hard to separate perceptually. Thus, it is hard to get the message, especially if several participants speak at the same time. In this case, increased cognitive performance is required, which in the long run leads to fatigue and reduced productivity. We offer a solution - spatial audio for virtual communication.

In our demo we place the participants virtually at different positions in a room with certain acoustical properties. Thereby, we create a natural acoustic scene and the participants can fully exploit the potential of the cocktail party effect and "spatial unmasking". This means improved comprehensibility, better allocation and increased attentiveness, and in the end more engaging conversations.

A recreation of life-like social interaction

  • Do you want to decide for yourself where to go and where to stay?

We do!

So let's explore the scene together with atmoky. Listen for yourself, and please be aware of the monsters. Put your headphones on and follow the atmoky icon around as it walks you through the scene. You will experience an acoustic scene as real as if you were live on site.

This spatial audio walk-through demonstrates the potential of atmoky’s immersive audio solutions for web conferencing, social meetings and all sorts of social gaming applications.

What can the user expect?

The user (indicated by the atmoky icon) can move in the area and listen to different sounds from all around. While headtracking can easily be incorporated, in the demo we assume a fixed head orientation (facing forwards). The user approaches points of interest, can interact with others, and at some point needs to escape from a growling beast.

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Key to natural communication

atmoky’s spatial audio solution is key to natural communication and social interaction in virtual environments.
If you want to integrate spatial audio in your product get in touch with atmoky!